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EZ Media Kiosk


EZ Media Kiosk is a self-service machine that dispenses digital content such as movies, TV series, music, audio books, tutorials etc. to customers via a USB storage device (such as flash disk, portable hard disk or mobile phone).

EZ Media Kiosk offers the latest movies, music etc. and you simply insert your USB flash drive and transfer the content that you want after paying with your prepaid voucher card.

Movies cost around three birr to buy and the catalog is full of the latest and best box office releases. All movies are HD (high definition) and are of size around 1GB and will take around 2-3 minutes to transfer with USB 2.0, or just 20 seconds if you bring a USB 3.0 capable storage device.

The kiosk will soon be found in high visibility and high traffic locations such as malls, building lobbies, hotels, cafes etc.

EZ Media Kiosk is a great second income worth considering these days. You can purchase one for as little as twenty three thousand (23,000) birr and put it in a location of your choice where it will be working to earn you the extra income you  have always wanted without requiring much time and effort from you.

We make sure that the content on the kiosk stays fresh by doing regular updates and also providing maintenance services. In addition to that, by charging a small percentage, we provide the payment vouchers that you can provide to your customers to use the kiosk.

We are planning to make available only a limited number, if you are interested, we urge you to register right now. We will contact you soon to discuss how you might be able to get one.

You can also visit our office to see the kiosk and experience its awesomeness!

EZ Media Kiosk Business


Here is a video that shows how it works:


Some questions you might have and their answers:


How much will my media kiosk business make?

The success of your EZ Media Kiosk business will be dependent upon location, location, and location. The busier the location, the better your media kiosk business will do. Let us do some simple math. If you manage to get one user every M minutes and each user buys Y movies and the kiosk operates for a total of Z hours per day then total movies downloaded per day will be Y x (Z x (60/M)). Assuming three birr per movie, you can get an estimated revenue per day and to this you can add other items such as audio books and tutorials will earn you more than movies (per item).


Do I have to offer the store owner (location owner) a percentage of my sales?

This depends on the approach that you take. The most likely arrangement is to pay a fixed “rent” for placing the kiosk in the owner’s location.


What are good locations for EZ Media Kiosks?

Certain businesses are ideal for locating your kiosk. These include restaurants, bowling alleys, shopping malls, movie theaters, academic institutions (high schools, colleges), supermarkets, coffee shops and apartment complexes (condominiums). Always be on the lookout for more obscure locations that could prove to be really favorable. Ideally, if you already own a video rental shop, then you can even transition your business to a self-service kiosk-based one. Remember, any place with steady foot traffic is a good location the kiosk.


Do I need a business license to operate a media kiosk business?

As this is a money generating venture, you will definitely need to acquire a video rental business license from your respective sub-city business bureau.


Once I place a machine, should I have the location owner sign some sort of contract?

This is up to you, but it’s never a bad idea to have a business agreement in writing.


Is theft and/or vandalism a big issue?

Because the machines are typically placed in high visibility and high traffic locations where there are people or employees at all times, theft and vandalism are uncommon. If you are locating your machine in a questionable location, a simple and cost-effective solution would be to wrap a chain around the base of the machine and chain it to a fixture within the store. This simple solution would prevent any would-be thieves from attempting to steal your equipment.


How often will I need to service my machine business and how long does it take to service?

You absolutely do not need to worry about regular updates and servicing. We take care of all that. All you will need to do is to purchase the payment vouchers from us and hand them over to the person or businesses that will be selling them for you (to your customers). You can also hire full-time attendants that will stay by the side of the kiosk and assist customers and also sell the vouchers.


Will I run into copyright issues?

This is unlikely as there will be no copyrighted content on the kiosk. As Ethiopia is not one of the signatories of the international convention that ratified the copyright law, any content that isn’t produced within the borders of Ethiopia has no copyright claim, according to the Ethiopian copyright law.



Start your eZ Media Kiosk business part-time while keeping your job, if possible. Building a self-service media kiosk business takes time and patience. Use your profits to purchase more machines. Simultaneously, replace any locations that are not pulling in the required sales. For example, if two kiosk locations are below your 200 birr per day profit goal, place those machines in other locations.



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  1. endrisyimam says:

    ewunet kehone konjo new

  2. fayza says:

    hey guys i think this is very interesting thing and its easy to use i really appreciate you guys!!!keep up the good job!here ma q how is the machines works i thought its have connect to internet? am asking u this q coz i cant see the video coz of poor connection so can you tell me more details pleas, so then i can buy it for my internet cafe and also let me know the price with discount 😉 thank you with much respect!!

    • admin says:

      No, the Kiosk does not need an Internet connection. The video which you saw (the trailer) is of low quality but the actual movies are HD quality.
      For further details, please call (011 1111052) or visit our office.

  3. eyob says:

    how can i start the business in dire dawa

    • admin says:

      At the moment, we do not have a mechanism where prospective business owners outside Addis Ababa can start this business. We hope to have a solution in the near future. Please check back soon.

  4. Frehiwot says:

    I had seen your work at the 9th ICT Exhibition and Bazar event.And your representatives where really polite and showed us how your products worked step by step.I really admire your work and your company is well put together with hard working people.Looking forward to see you at the 10th ICT Exhibition with some new products and features.Good Job!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Frehiwot!
      Unfortunately we will not be taking part in the 10th ICT Exhibition as the organizers have increased the participation fee by four fold and they have also chosen to change the venue…
      We do have a couple of new products though and please feel free to visit us at our new office (we have just moved) which is in CMC.

  5. abel anania says:

    keep it up!!

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