Efficient Internet cafe management and control

iTimer Internet Cafe Software

iTimer is Amest Santim’s solution for Internet cafes, libraries etc to easily manage their PC-Stations (computers) that are available for public Internet and/or general computer use. iTimer has various features that are commonly availble in similar other applications and it enhances those by adding various more that are tailored in the Ethiopian context.

Some of the available features include:

  • Specifically designed for and works with PC-Station product
  • Both post-paid and pre-paid usage modes
  • Configurable tariffs and other settings
  • Robust reporting
  • Flexible billing
  • Multi-level access to functionalities
  • Works with standalone computers too
  • You can brand it with your own information

New in version 2.0:

  • Happy Hour feature!
  • New background images
  • Automatically changing (rotating) images
  • Smaller file size (smaller memory footprint)
  • Fixed bug of not displaying usage after 6pm in reports
  • and many other improvements

New in version 2.1:

  • eGursha added – provides users with a list of frequently used websties for quick access

To upgrade your version of iTimer, use the included uninstaller to remove the old version and install the latest version.

Best of all, it’s FREE!
To download iTimer, please enter your name and correct email address and we will email you a link to the download.

Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

* We will, from time to time, email you if we have something that we think you might be interested in

270 Comments to “iTimer Internet Cafe Software”

  1. firew says:

    so good

  2. babi lu says:

    I have bought 2 sets of PC stations. now I wnat to add another 2 sets. Is that possible to control the new computer and new pc stations from the older host PC?

    • admin says:

      Yes. You can control the new computer from the old one… you can easily set this up by using the “Advanced” button when installing the iTimer on the newly added PC and stations.

  3. Mike says:

    How can i brand it with my own information, i really need to change specially the background image by my own advert but it seems lil imposible plz let me know if possible 🙂

    • admin says:

      Yes you can brand iTimer with your own information. It allows you to add your business name, telephone number and motto, however you can not change the background image. You can find out how to brand it in our support section.

  4. Teddy Com says:

    Thank you !!!!
    Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. babi lu says:

    I am using x-series PC-stations. How can I protect users from making changes to my system on the server computer (removing programs from the control panel)

    • admin says:

      You can protect your system from unwanted changes by making the user accounts (types) used on the stations to “Limited” if they are “Administrator”.

  6. babi lu says:

    I followed the procedure you have specified for changing the business name and telephone number but I can’t do that. Please explain it.

    • admin says:

      To change the biz name and telephone number, you first need to sign-in on each client using the default user id and password (admin & itimer) and then by right clicking on the itimer client (red icon displaying :00 on it) and then selecting “Settings”… then you will be able to change it and press “Save”.
      Note that you can only do this on the latest version of iTimer.
      Amest Santim

  7. babi lu says:

    I have been using your I timer software which is fantastic and easy to use. but I am facing a problem with report. it doesn’t show a report of previous days. in addition it does not save a report after power failure. what is the problem with it?

    • admin says:

      The most probable cause for iTimer not showing you previous day reports is DeepFreeze. If you use DeepFreeze software, it wipes everything previously saved upon restart so every time you restart data from the previous session will be lost.
      Amest Santim

  8. babi says:

    I had purchased an access terminals some time before I know you. now I have formated my computer and wnated to install the PC stations. but in the process it requires me to insert the serial number and activation key. I looked on the boxes it is not there. where can I get the number?

    • admin says:

      There are six extra serial numbers on the PC-Station Installation CD that we gave you with your PC-Station. You can use those or you can call us and we’ll SMS more to your phone!

  9. Benyam says:

    10Q for your help!
    My Problem, i have 2 Clint and 1 server computers they have 3 station for each Clint, that means i have 8 Clint computers, my problem is can i find all station computers like normal network, EX. PC1, PC2,……..! if its have some moated to find the computers can u help me. 10Q! for your support!

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can have all your clients controlled from one “server” (even if they are stand alone computers).
      To do this, you install iTimer on the clients using the “Advanced” button while specifying the computer name of the designated server.
      If you’re not able to do this, we can send a technician that can do this for you.
      Thank you!

  10. sam says:

    i canot installed the itimer but it is not workin please send me the steps of installing

  11. Sisay Gedamu says:

    I have seen the software in different internet cafes that is so preferable than other timers. But now I opened my own Internet cafe and I am using standalone computers with out server then I want to use I timer software .Though it is download is completed without any difficulty but I can’t access it b/c i don’t have username and password for the software to access and use. Please replay Ur answer as soon possible.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sisay,
      Yes, you can freely use iTimer on stand alone computers… for help with installation, please feel free to call us and we will help sort it out.
      011 111 1052

  12. haileyesuse says:

    where is the i Timer setup software ???????

    • admin says:

      On the iTimer page… enter your email in the form near the bottom of the page and press “Submit” you will then be provided with a link to download the iTimer software.

  13. sam says:

    what to fill in station name box in stand alone computers after clicking advance?
    should i protect all other computeers with username and pass word please leave me the steps do i install itimer only on the pc that i shared the internet connection?

    • admin says:

      When installing iTimer on stand alone computers, you are asked to enter two things.
      1) Server’s name: For this just enter the computer name of the computer that iTimer server is installed on.
      2) Station name: Just enter any name you want that this computer will be identified in the iTimer server.
      Also, see the iTimer installation guide here

  14. Alem says:

    how can i install itimer

  15. bereket says:

    hay i ahve a 3 pc and a server can you tell me how to install timer

  16. bereket says:

    my pc station sayes internal eriorr

  17. Redae Kahsay says:

    hello, Amest Santim how are you. I planed to start my own business in the near future. I almost started the preparations to achieve what I want. unfortunately, My friend from Addis introduced me with your good name and I got the opportunity to visit your website then I really appreciate your dedication and commitment to serve your customers. I decided to follow your concrete advises while I start the business and even at the preparation stage I am eagerly following you. for that matter, I tried to download the business plan to internet cafe by entering my email address but I couldn’t get it. could you please attach to my email address? I hope I will be your potential customer soon.

  18. Redae Kahsay says:

    Thank you very much!!

  19. hzkel abera says:

    Thank you very much!!

  20. Getnet says:

    I have been using your product for the last few months now. I could say I’m fairly satisfied wit it.
    I have on problem, I’m unable to print any report. It keeps saying Report width is larger than the paper width’.
    It did not concern me much until now, because I was the only one working on it. However, I have hired a secretary and the report will be very handy.
    So please let me know if there is any way it would work.
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      The problem with your setup is your default printer settings.
      Just go to your default printer’s page settings and widen your margins or just change it to landscape…
      This will fix your problem.

  21. eskedar says:

    I have been using your product for the last few months now. I could say I’m fairly satisfied wit it.
    I have on problem, I’m unable to print any report. It keeps saying Report width is larger than the paper width’.
    It did not concern me much until now, because I was the only one working on it. However, I have hired a secretary and the report will be very handy.
    So please let me know if there is any way it would work.
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      The problem is with the settings of your default printer. You can adjust the page type (A4) and width on your default printer or just change the page orientation to landscape and this will solve your problem and you will be able to view the report and print it!
      Amest Santim

  22. Gizachew worku says:

    Okay ,I really apreciate what you do on-www.amestsantim.com
    Because it craets easy opportinity for we youngsters to start the job.
    I wanna Ask you that – at what minimum price can I start the jobe(Internet caffe)?

    Thank you very much!

    • admin says:

      We believe that your question would be adequately answered if you download and read the business plan.

  23. behilu says:

    dir admin
    i have 5 pics and each computer has to connect switch ip address has been on DHCP and know i download i timer and then i will install i timer server one of the computer and the advanced setup input host name and computer name after that rebut(restart) the computer and on the screen i timer screen and will not access the computer am tray to alt-cont -Del it not accessible ask me user name and password but i don’t have it pls help me

  24. Kaleb says:

    I wanted to upgrade my server from Xp to Windows 7 or 8 and wanted to know if itimer server works on these platforms?

  25. endy says:

    Dear Admin
    I was trying to install to install i timer and i recieve the following response when i click install
    Run-time error ‘-2147221020(800401e4)’:
    Automation error
    Invalid syntax
    what other procedure should i use to install the timer?
    thank you.

    • admin says:

      This must be because either the installer is corrupt or you’re trying to install from the wrong media (in which case you should put the setup files on your hard disk and try from there)
      Hope this helps!

  26. Zerihun says:

    How to uninsall it

    • admin says:

      You can find the answer in our Troubleshooting section under the question “How do I unstall iTimer?”

  27. meda says:

    i am new for i timer how can i download it i mean can i get it for free,or any other method.

  28. Eskinder says:

    i like very much, but i want to control print out put also, so please up grade z software for such purpose, too.

  29. fudi man says:

    hi, i really satisfied with this software but i have one problem i can’t connect escapes with the i timer software plsss help me……….

    • admin says:

      We are not really sure what escape is… what we can tell you is that our software works on Windows XP operating system and also works for both stand alone or multi-user devices similar to PC-Station.
      If you need us to send you a qualified technician, please call 011 111 1052/58 and put in a request.
      Thank you!

  30. alexsO says:

    dear admin
    all the pcs i own are window 7 installed on it and How can i use this interesting software of urs without changing windows 7 to win xp, thx!!

    • admin says:

      As iTimer was mainly written for use on Windows XP and earlier operating systems, there is no easy way to make iTimer work on Win 7, we will try to post an easy method soon.

  31. ephiman says:

    where is the admin pass?

  32. fudi man says:

    ሰላም….. በ usb የሚሰሩ pc station አለኝ ነገር ግን ሶፍትዌሩሚሰራው ዋናው ሆስቱ ፒሲ ላይ ብቻ ነው እስቴሽኖቹን እንዴት ማሰራት እንደምችል ብትነግሩኝ……….

    • admin says:

      አይ ታይመር የተሰራው ለ ዊንዶስ ኤክስፒ እንደመሆኑ መጠን ሌሎች ሲስተሞች ላይ አይሰራም!

  33. brook says:

    betam desi yelale bethiopia……..
    enem enternet bet algne tetekamime nege

  34. 1indescribable says:

    Hello Amest Santim GB PLC, Giving a dozen of thanks to ur support, Can I use the software for window 7 ultimate? I tried a lot to install it but it says not supported by the operating system.

    • admin says:

      No, Windows 7 is not supported by the PC-Station and the iTimer software. You have to use Windows XP!

  35. alex says:

    hello amistsanimoch,
    i just installed ur company itimer software and i like it, but i can’t control the client pc’s on the server pc, meaning under the connected station, no client or station is displayed and i can’t even start the timer. i will be happy if u guys help me, tnx!!

    • admin says:

      Well, this might be caused by many things, among which might be and installation error (please follow the instructions found on the website). It might also be due to Windows Firewall or other firewall software blocking it… check by turning those off…

  36. Besho says:

    When i install it it is difficult tome is there any configuration on the setup process?
    and all files on the stations displayed on the server(host) or how can i get readme files?

  37. Dirribsa says:

    Hey, I eagerly searched and successfully downloaded iTimer but couldn’t extract the file(with WinRAR). The error message reads “C:\Users\zc\Downloads\iTimer.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”.
    ለትብብራችሁ በቅድሚያ አመሰግናለሁ፡፡

  38. bereket abebe says:

    hi.. am bereket from nazreth… i like your support and offer realy… i will visit your shop recently… keep it up…

  39. Aman says:

    I need to get a free download of i timer software and I have used it several times to in the internet cafe and now i need it for my self.Good work guys

  40. Marli says:

    Hi i want to change the price please tell me how to thankyou

    • admin says:

      You can change your Internet tariff (per minute charge) in the iTimer Server. Find the iTimer Server icon in the system tray (near the system clock) and then right click on it, then login using your password (default password is itimer). Then you can go in to the “Setting” menu and change the tariff and other items too.

  41. hade says:

    I can’t get reports if electric power is down.is there is any other means.

    • admin says:

      iTimer does indeed save the information when power outage occurs. If you go in to your report, you will be able to see all the sessions that were running before the power outage.

  42. zelalem says:

    i have 790 computer, can i use itimer software?

    • admin says:

      iTimer doesn’t depend on the hardware, which means it will work on any computer. But it does require Windows XP to function properly. The iTimer Server is known to work on Windows 7 but the clients do require Windows XP.

  43. Migbaru says:

    Is that full version and free?? If so why??

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s a full version and it’s also FREE!
      It’s FREE because we want you to have the best possible tools to make your business a success!

  44. lidetu says:

    how can i change from win xp to win 7 my pc station can i use use by that station

  45. zish says:

    can u tell me the price please????????

  46. yohannes says:

    Realy nice one

  47. bebong mesaya says:

    Good day.i cant finish downloading your itimer.the message goes like this…(run time error 339,Component ‘mswinsck’ocx, or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered.a file is missing or invalid) thanks if you help me.i started my internet business 2 months ago.and i have 8 units excluding my laptop server,thanks.

  48. selam says:

    I was hoping if i am able to use i timer to admin a computer with it’s own cpu using IP address. is there anyway it would be possible?

  49. alebe says:

    Hi amstsantim we have problem, that is on the server about report generating problems,I do not know, may be the server OS is windows 7, totally no report in general. can you help us?

    • admin says:

      This might be due to a number of issues, the first one might be because you’re using iTimer on Win 7 but it’s actually designed for Win XP. But other possible reasons are:
      1) Microsoft Office might not have been properly installed
      2) A default printer might not exist on the system.
      Please check the above suggestions.

  50. sisay says:

    thank you so much

  51. elsi says:


  52. Yonas w says:

    I couldn’t rename the PC name on the server, my two pcs read the same name as pc 1 can I change the one?

    • admin says:

      You can login on client using the default username and password (admin and itimer respectively) and then change the stations name to whatever you want from the Settings menu found in the task bar (near the system clock).

  53. solomon says:

    i cant open the clients using the default pass word what is the problem? it is the old timer that displays advrtisment of pc station, monitor ….. no one changed the password

  54. Yohannes says:

    Dear reader , I have done the download and while I try the installation process, I faced a slight problem. How can I instal it on the client computers so that the small timer box can appear on the client computers? Please reply faster… Thank you in Advance !!

    • admin says:

      Unless you have standalone computers, there is no separate installation for clients, the installer will take care of it all when you install on the host computer of the pc-station. You can also refer to the installation guide for all the steps.

  55. Yohannes says:

    Yes!! I know that . But what UI cant do is, the timer locks on the client computer and I can not open it from my server !!

  56. Danny says:

    I can’t get the iTimer working on Window 7 please help.

    • admin says:

      We never designed iTimer to work on Win 7, rather it was designed to work on Windows XP. Some users have reported success with using iTimer on Win 7 but some have reported having issues with the report etc. The most success seems to be had when you install iTimer server on a Win 7 machine but the clients on Win XP.

  57. Yonas W says:

    So what shall we do if Firewall or anti virus software might be blocking it?

  58. Teddy says:

    I have been using itimer. but when i installed avg it stopped working, how can i use avg or any anti virus with itimer?

  59. gg says:

    is very good and very important , so please keep it up

  60. Yohannes says:

    Hi Admin, I am using PC-Stations with PS2 port. But I can’t use Web camera and Head phone on the client stations !! What do you thin is the solution? Thank you in addvance ….

  61. henk says:

    Thank u!

  62. hade says:

    i am using iTimer without pc station but the problem which i face is when install antivirus the iTimer automatically removed please how i could solve this problem? thank u 5 santim.

    • admin says:

      The only way to solve this problem is to not use the antivirus that is deleting iTimer. Have you tried using Microsoft Security Essentials? Or Deep Freeze?

  63. sam says:

    i realy appreciate ur itimer software cause we all are using it with love it is realy user friendly by the way i saw that u said it donot work on win 7 but it works perfect in windows 7 except the report part thank you for givin us this software freely

  64. Wedaje says:

    Firstly, I would like appreciate your efforts to support your customers.
    Second, I am using your earlier version of i-timer, and it cannot show me the whole day report. It shows me only the work done before 7.00 Pm. What I shall do? Thank you in advance!!!

    • admin says:

      Yes, that was a bug identified in the earlier version but that has been fixed in the current version (version 2.0). Please download the current version available from our website and replace your old version and the bug will be gone!

  65. amanuel says:

    it’s good

  66. dave says:

    So good

  67. marli says:

    hi i want to change my i timer price would u please tell me how to do it ? thank you

    • admin says:

      You can easily do this by right clicking on the iTimer server icon in the task bar and choosing the “Settings” menu (first you’d have to login using your administrator’s password. Default password is “itimer”)

  68. anua says:

    i have been using itimer, problem is duplicating on the server the clients
    how can i fix? please help
    best regards

  69. Sole says:

    i really 10x first of all
    but i can’t install it mean i already use the Server one but it can’t get the others pc which is in client.
    can u tel me the procedure pls

    • admin says:

      To upgrade to the latest version, you can use the included uninstaller to remove the existing version and then install the new version just as you would before.

  70. neme says:

    please! Dear admin, how to uninstall itimer from client computers ?

  71. neme says:

    thank very much in did it !!

  72. sent says:

    Dear, Admin first i appreciate i face some problem when i install the itimer server and client there is run time error how can solve this one and i install all the client but not all listed in server why?

    • admin says:

      Well, there could be various reasons for the error message you’re getting. From your operating system to the location you’re doing the installation to… Download the latest version, remove the previous installation using the included uninstaller and try again by following the installation guide. Also make sure you turn off windows firewall on all computers.

  73. gi says:

    Hi dears…. i need to install the PC station software…and can u tell me how and if u can send me the latest PC station software … am ur customer for along time.

    • admin says:

      For installation instructions, you can look at the Installation Video on the CD or on our website (youtube).
      For the CD, you can come get a copy from our office.

  74. yidnekachew tesfaye says:

    please tell me how to install i timer am confused my system is not pc-station it is aworkstation i have one pc like act as server but not server my aim is to use i timer software just like easy cafe

  75. Yonas says:

    Dear Amest Santim,
    I’m an esteemed user of you itimer software and can’t tell you how much it helped me out to handle my stations billing system.
    My question here is can i start client computers just without billing. E.g. if a user comes to my internet cafe and wants to practice some application programs, like MS word or any similar applications, i just want to allow the user to use the PC without any bill (offline)? But now when i start any specific PC it starts billing and brings some discrepancies on my daily report. So can you help me how to solve this issue or does this itimer software allows me to do so??
    Thanks in advance for your everything

    • admin says:

      Yes, there is one method of achieving what you described. You can directly sign in on the client computer using the default user id and password (this is called Admin mode) and you will not be billed by the server. But it will be registered and included in the report (with zero birr) this is an intentional feature built to stop the system being abused by the controller.

  76. Yonas W says:

    We are using your product i timer, and thank you so much. Now I have one question
    Can we use sharing computers each other like printer, scanner and so…? still using i timer.

    • admin says:

      Yes of course you can share resources on your network like printers etc while still using iTimer. But it can not count or control these usages.

  77. dawit says:

    when we download the softwear we get the zip file,this zip file is not run in computer. how can i dowload the computer softwear for window 7 or window 8

    • admin says:

      The zip file doesn’t need a software to open. All windows version will open zip files. You can also right click on the file and select “Extract” which will extract the files in the zip to your computer.

  78. Yonas W says:

    Thank you so much! I will check it now and test sharing documents,music and so…

  79. sam says:

    ur itimer software is the best but i have suggestion why don’t u make it more customizable for interested cafes with some payment method specially the picture when the computer is idle i mean when it is locked.

  80. roman says:

    Thumbs-up! so far so good.

  81. Ahmed says:

    I appreciate the successful effort you did in ……., I do have some problems to ask and will ask when I get time…….


  82. Dave says:

    I have a problem with report can u tell me how and where can I get it please?
    Thank you!!!

    • admin says:

      On the server, right click on the iTimerServer icon in the taskbar (the red icon that has :47 on it) and then login using the admin password (default: itimer) then right click again and choose report.

  83. Dawit A says:

    Hi, I cant find my i timer on my Task bar but I works properly, so my problem is I can’t see any report. what can i do to see the reports? thank you for your cooperation

  84. Dawit A says:

    sorry I am not well explain . my task bar displays other Icons but it ignores the I timer icon. I mean that may be when I run the software did I make a mistake?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      If iTimerServer is running then you should also be seeing the icon in the task bar. If it hasn’t started, you can try manually starting it.

  85. hade says:

    hello itimeroch when i want to get the reports it says
    there was no data found for the period you specified.

  86. Azeb says:

    Thank You

  87. Yonas Woldie says:

    The time of XP is expired On April 8,2014 I think, and the MSE is not available so what shall we do another antivirus?

  88. Yonas Woldie says:

    Thank you for your instant answer! But here my pc is showing to change the XP while I updating MSE. It is the answer from MSE. You can cheek!!!

  89. Eyob says:

    wow it’s z best driver i ever got>>>>>>>…….

  90. kedo says:

    it is a very nice internet monitoring software ever which is comfortable and easy to install and work with it. Thanks a lot

  91. Fiker says:

    ሀይ ጤና ይስጥልኝ
    ኮምፒውተሬ ቫይረስ ገብቶበት ፎርማት አድርጌው አይታይመርን ስጭን
    አይታይመር ሰርቨሩን ስከፍተው Run time error ‘13’ type mismatch የሚል ሚሴጅ ያመጣል
    ከዚህ በፊት እጠቀም ነበር. የአጫጫን ሰህተት ነው እንዳልል በትክክል ከዚህ በፊት ጭኜ ተጠቅሜለው
    እና ይህ ሚሴጅ የምን ችግር እንደሆነ ልትነግሩኝ ትችላላችሁ?

    • admin says:

      በስልክ እንደተነጋገርነው መሰረት ምክንያቱ የጫንከው አንቲቫይረስ ሳይሆን አይቀርም:: ሆኖ ካገኘሐው እዚህ ጋር በመፃፍ አረጋግጥልን::

  92. Yonas Woldie says:

    Today I have seen the exhibition center all the ict products and I appreciate your Media Kiosk.
    So how we get it for our purpose?

  93. jossmicheal says:

    thank you

  94. gire says:

    My Problem, i have 5 Clint and 2 server computers. already i timer installed but the admin server can`t display the other station clients so that i can1t control the other pc stations who can i fix this????????????

    • admin says:

      Most probably, some anti-virus or windows firewall is blocking the clients and the server from communicating. Remove all anti-virus and disable windows firewall and try again.

  95. Yohannes Gm says:

    የ ፒሲ ስቴሽን ፕሮዳቸተ ኪ ወይም ሲርያል ናምበር የ ሶስቱ ፒሲ ቁጥቆች ጠፉቢኝ ምናልባት ምን ማድረግ እንዳለቢኝ

    • admin says:

      ተጨማሪ ሲሪያሎች እዚህ ዌብ ሳይት ላይ በ Troubleshooting ገፅ ላይ ይገኛሉ

  96. Abinet Bekele says:

    think for all

  97. Ghana says:

    Good job guys keep it up

  98. Israel says:

    I Need I Timer?????

    • admin says:

      We apologize for the interruption in the iTimer download service. We have now resolved the technical issue and you can download iTimer as usual from the iTimer page.

  99. melaku says:

    i have 6 computer i went to use iTimer and to use one computer to control 5 computer how to meek.

  100. Addisu says:

    i would like to appreciate you! but so drawback are there in I timer software which is i have 10 desktop computer which means i have 10 customers if 10 of the sign off at the same time i timer only displays the time which is last sign off customer only. and also how can change the tariff .25 change to .20? thank you guys!!!

    • admin says:

      You can change the tariff in the admin setting menu of the iTimerServer. Right click on the iTimerServer, login, then access the settings menu.

  101. dawit says:

    my question is clearly how can i download it ?where shall i open it with when i try to download it in my document and settings it has failed so what shall i do?

  102. michael says:

    hello iTimers I have only 6 PCs networked by your iTimer software but on the screen PC5 appears several times and it is hard to activate it easily since I have to try each one why is that?? please I need a solution ☺

    • admin says:

      In the first place, you can change the name of each client by signing in on each client using the admin/itimer default login and then accessing the setting menu…
      If on the server, icons are repeated many times automatically, that indicates that you have a problem on your network, most probably your network cables, therefore check those.
      Hope this helps!

  103. yared says:


  104. Sam says:

    the software is so good and much helpfull for our int. cafe. but currently I am observing some anti viruses are deleting the itimer. why this is happening? did you get such info from others? better to check this and make possible check. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Yes, some anti-virus software delete the iTimer executable files, the reason for this is because the itimer communicates over the network and this behavior seems like a virus to the anti-virus. That’s all!
      Microsoft Security Essentials, is a very good antivirus and does not delete iTimer, so we suggest that you use it!

  105. Sam says:

    thanks for prompt response! i am now experiancing another problem. the win. firwall by itself blocking itimer from working. why is that?

    • admin says:

      You need to allow iTimer on windows firewall on first run, it askes you. If you haven’t done that, you can still go in to Windows Firewall and add an exception for iTimer and it will not be blocking it anymore after that!

  106. kedo says:

    wow iTimer is best internet monitoring software ever i used. Now, am using it but i have one little problem. It is reporting problem in the server computer i install the server itimer and install deep freeze after a restart report wont work. Please Help!

    • admin says:

      The problem is that deep freeze is deleting the usage data. What you need to do is freeze only your C:\ drive and leave D:\ unfrozen so that you can install iTimer on it and the usage data will not be deleted by deep freeze.

  107. sam says:

    i am still having problem installing i timer server. a message appears ‘there was an error installing i Timer. please consult the installation guide online and try again’ i did all no solution. can you tell me wha is hindering me to install? previosly it was OK. but now why? and when the power gose the itimer disappear why? I am using UPS to be able see the status the time the user spent on my machine. hope you will come with solution! thanks and God Belss! but thank you for creating this apportunity to get answers! and for the Itimer software as well!

    • admin says:

      We can have our technician have a look at it, this is a service that we provide to anyone. Please call our office to arrange it. 011 1111052.
      As an alternative, we can also remotely log in on your computer and diagnose the issue.

  108. kedo says:

    Thanks a lot.

  109. መኮነን says:

    እንዴት ናችሁ ኣንድ ጥያቄ ልጠይቃችሁ ሞባይል ኔትዎርክ ባለበት ቦታ ማላት የ ADSL ኬብል የለውም፣ CDMA የለውም እንዴት /በምን ኣድርጌ ኢንተርኔት ካፌ መጠቀም እችላለሁ። ያላወቁት ነገር ካለ ግለጡለኝ።

    • admin says:

      ለ ኢንተርኔት ያለህ አማራጭ ነው በቦታው ላይ እነዚህን ማግኘት ካልቻልክ ሌላ አማራጭ ያለህ አይመስለኝም:: ቴሌዎችን ግን አናግር::

  110. Askal says:

    i am still having problem installing i timer server. a message appears ‘there was an error installing i Timer. please consult the installation guide online and try again’ i did all no solution. can you tell me what is hindering me to install?

    • admin says:

      Usually after you get that error the installation has occurred, just restart the computer and the iTimer server should be working.

  111. Muluken says:

    my setup disk is fail what i can do, please i need help

  112. sami says:

    በራሳቸው ላፕቶፕ የሚጠቀሙ ሰዎችን ታሪፈ ለመቆጣጠር ምን ማድረግ እችላለሁ

    • admin says:

      በራሳቸው ላፕቶፕ የሚጠቀሙ ሰዎችን ሒሳብ በአይ ታይመር መቆጣጠር አይቻልም:: ለ WiFi ተጠቃሚዎች ለብቻው የተለየ መቆጣጠሪያ ያስፈልጋል::

  113. schoolboy says:

    real talk its a great work keep doing such things

  114. he says:

    good work

  115. Habtamu says:

    my timer at 12: all register payment dismissed? what can i do?

    • admin says:

      Make sure your computer’s time is set using European time (not Ethiopian), meaning that it should say 6pm when it is “አስራ ሁለት ሰዓት ማታ”

  116. nhlanganiso says:

    can i use the software with n computing

  117. tare says:

    does your pcstation work on dell gx 280 3.4 process speed ?

  118. muhammednur sirag says:

    የፒሲ ስቴሽን ኪት ገዝቼ ነበር ኢንስቶል ማድረግ ስጀምር ግን ኢንስታሌሽን ዲስክ ጠየቀኝ፡፡ኪቱን የገዛሁበት ቦታ ድጋሚ ሄጄ ስጠይቅ ምንም ሲዲ እንዳልረሳሁ ነገሩኝ!ምን ማድረግ ይሻለኛል? ኢንስታሌሽን ሲዲስ ከየት ማግኘት እችላለሁ?please help!!please help!!please help!!

  119. Zinash says:

    ጤና ይስጥልኝ!
    የአይታመር ሶፍትዌር ዊንዶው 7 እና 8 ላይ አልጨንምንም አለኝ ምክንያቱ ምን ይሆን፣ አመሰግናለሁ

    • admin says:

      ሶፍትዌሩ የተሰራው ለWin XP እንደመሆኑ መጠን ሌሎቹ ላይ ሊያስቸግር ይችላል:: ሆኖም ግን በWindows 7 እና 8 የሚጠቀሙት ደንበኖች አሉን::

  120. mesfin says:

    Hello admin.
    i have used pc for school but when i install iTimer it say ” the componenet MSCMCTL.OXE or one of dependency ont correct a file is missing or invalid.please help me.

  121. semere says:

    your software is infected avst deleted so do u have unather

    • admin says:

      iTimer is not actually infected, some anti-virus flag it as a false positive because it communicates over the network. You can go ahead and use it without any fear. You should also consider a better anti-virus than avast such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

  122. Melese Sisay says:

    it is very nice software for timing

  123. belachew says:

    how to use on window 7

    • admin says:

      Just follow the installation instructions. It’s no different than installing it on windows xp.

  124. henok says:


  125. Habtom says:


  126. donski says:

    hi admin is your cafe timer will work in windows xp and win7? example my server is running with win7 o.s and my client is running with windows xp due to different desktop specification it will work?

    tnx more power.

  127. samson says:

    very nice software

  128. Garoma says:

    Thank you for developing this software!

  129. edem says:

    Thank you for developing this software!

  130. edem says:

    how can i install itimer pls help me

  131. fraol says:

    am using pc station and the server mouse works but the clients’ mouse is not working…. whats z solution

  132. Abreham says:

    what OS required for PC station? can it work on all versions of OS, specially windows?

  133. alemkassa says:

    my computer is locked by i timer how can solve unlock my computer or PC please …

    • admin says:

      You can unlock it using your username and password (default username and password are admin and itimer respectively).

  134. Wow! fine time management tool says:

    Nice tool.

  135. abegaz says:

    itimer is specilazied time managemnt bsiness system nice create other important soft ware

  136. Lemmi says:

    I have installed itimer and it works, but I cant rename the name of workstation PCs.
    I don’t understand the reason behind. could you help me?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can rename the stations, you do that on the station itself (not on the server). You’ve to login directly on the station using the username and password of the station (default, admin and itimer) and then from the task bar, you’ll find the itimer client icon which you’ll right click on and access the settings…

  137. SoresaTafese says:

    Please would you mind if u explain me how to use it?

  138. yasa mark says:

    i need tutorial upload tuorials videos on youtube or on your website

  139. samuel, from kombolcha says:

    Your are best Administrator. i saw all questions and your quick answers.Realy you are support us witout any payment.God bless you.

  140. osman computer says:

    wow am so excised ! it is perfect yemigermachihu gin yager wust gebiwoch bagatami Hawassa neberkugn ena ye interbet nigd fikad liawetu feligewu yehonu sewoch itimer kaltechane fikad anisetim tebaln alugn betam newu yegeremegn

  141. minas says:

    hey am trying to install itimer on to the window 8.1 but it keep telling me “there is an error installing. please consult the instalation guide online and try again.” what shall i do?
    and also avast and smadav tells detects the setup as a virus.

    • admin says:

      iTimer was designed to be used on Windows XP (as is PC-Station) and we do not expect it to work on Windows 8.

  142. Adil says:

    I am really happy to get this type of software developed locally , I am proud of you and expect more. thanks a lot.

  143. genex internet says:

    thank you for developing this software

  144. Mark says:

    hello I can control the mobile devices are connected to my Wifi using thei apps?

  145. mesfen says:

    thank u!

  146. Lelisa says:

    Hello amest santim admin, i was install itimer on windows 7 and its work but i don’t know the default password for itimer server admin can you help me please

  147. Yohannes says:

    Hi Reader,
    I’m your customer. I use iTimer for more than 4 yrs on Dell Gx620 Win XP. does it support other PC models like Del Gx 745 or…?

    • admin says:

      iTimer does not care about the model of the computer it is running on, it only cares about the OS. If you meant to ask if PC-Station works on Gx 745, no it does not!

  148. Samson says:

    Is itimer an ideal software for cyber cafe billing or it is specifically for PC stations

  149. abenet says:

    Its god softwer

  150. Abuti says:

    its good

  151. Musa says:

    The software is very important thank you

  152. Edmi says:

    its nice softwa re easy

  153. alemayehu says:

    The software is very important thank you

  154. tamirat says:

    the best
    love u

  155. Leka says:

    It is better to post on YouTube the installation process like tutorial for your client to make easy installation.

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