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Multipoint Workstation

Latest Skype versions are known to have problems working on Multipoint Server 2011, but version has been thoroughly tested and works well. You can download it from here:

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iTimer was created for Windows Xp and therefore can not be used with Multipoint as the operating system is Windows Multipoint Server 2011 (64-bit). However you can download use True Cafe with Multipoint.

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The multipoint stations have two USB ports, you can use a simple USB hub (see picture) to add more ports to your station so you can plug in devices such as web cam, flash disk etc.

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This might be due to various reasons. Please make sure you do as follows.

  • If you are using USB keyboard and mice for the server, these should be plugged in on the USB hub and NOT on the server it self.
  • You must use a powered USB hub (sometimes an un-powered USB hub might work). A powered USB hub is one that its own power source (an adapter) that is plugged in to a source (plug).
  • You must have all the multipoint terminals, their keyboards and mice plugged in before starting the computer.

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