Tax declaration forms made easy

This is the home page of is a site where you can fill out and print all your tax forms (Ethiopian). It does all the necessary tax calculations for you and provides you a clean, completed form that you can print out and take to the tax office.

It supports both Amharic and English forms and you can input text and dates in both versions.

Use of the site is completely FREE and we invite you to try it now.

More features are being continuously added to the site, so keep checking!

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  1. Daniel says:

    first of all, would like to thank you for availing the egenzeb to the public free of charge, however i could not access the link to use the system, so can you tell me how can use/check your solution?
    best regards,

  2. Abel Chaka says:

    This is a wonderful tool for people having issues understanding inland revenue requirement.


  3. yonas says:

    you guys are solving real problem,thank you.

  4. roma says:

    Your wonderful tool ‘eGebzeb’ keeps coming as Database Error. Please solve it.

  5. aron amaha says:

    egezeb is real problem solver , thank you for making it free and easy to use

  6. Girum says:

    the website ( is not working. check it please. it was a relief for me

  7. Girum says:

    Please help us. give us back the website. we really need the Excel forms of inland revenue. your works were a backbone for my company

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