iTimer Installation

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  1. amanuel says:

    nice thank you GOD bless you.

  2. Fitsum says:

    I can’t generate the report at any time and there is no error message when I press show today’s report.

  3. derejz says:

    what is the password for the access file(report)?

  4. Mihiret says:

    10Q for helping

  5. Belachew says:

    I dont have words how to thank you !!! I really thank you so much for the thing you did to us.
    I got what i need for my internet cafe. GOD HELP AND BLESS YOU FOR OTHER THING.
    THANK YOU!!!

  6. Dirribsa says:

    Thank you for making iTimer FREE & just to advertise 5 Santim.
    One of my friends opens a new Internet Cafe & uses a single server with multi-terminals. my question is: Is it possible to install and use iTimer for the terminals without OS and Hard disk? If so, can you Help us please?

    • admin says:

      We’re not sure we understand your questions but our PC-Station terminals do not have any storage or processor so there is no way to install anything on them. They use the resources of the host computer.

  7. yetsedaw says:

    I don’t now how I say thank you . I am very happy with you. One month ago i buy two set(6) PC- station, I am not good knowing about PC -stations, I buy simply. After that I start my internet cafe now it works in a good way. even if any thing happens you give me good solution immediately as i call you this what i am very happy with you . SO REALLY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE THING YOU DID US.

  8. bizuneh says:


  9. Asnake says:

    fatal error porgiz install on client pc how can i fix?

    • admin says:

      You’re getting the “Fatal Error” message on the stations because you’re using “Limited” accounts on the stations, if you change the account types to “Administrator” the message will go away and power geez will work.

  10. alebe says:

    I can’t set the report generate on this wonderful amstsantim cafe s/w on the stand alon PCs thanks!

  11. teddy says:

    i understood everything but is there a way to make one stand alone pc to control the other stand alone pcs another station. if there is please help

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can use one stand alone pc to control another stand alone computer. Just follow the installation guide or call 0911 42 2943 as our office telephone number is currently not working.

  12. teddy says:

    thanks you. i have another question when i try to install i timer, it says u must create separate accounts for each station but i am not installing it on the system unit that i have pc station on, b/c i dont want it to be the server.
    how can i create separate account for other stand alone pc and the pc that has pc station

    • admin says:

      If you’re installing iTimer on a standalone computer that is going to be a “client” then you should click on the “Advanced” button and follow the steps. If the stand alone computer is going to be a “Server” but doesn’t have PC-Station on it, just check the I’ve created separate accounts… option and install it. It will just install the server on the computer.

  13. danny says:

    i have a problem in installing the itimer ..i installed it on the server….that was the new itime that automatically install on the client computer when i restart the server pc the client pc is working but on the server no client pcs came….it just blank….is there anything i can fix of….

    • admin says:

      If these are standalone computers, you might try turning off windows firewall and any other antivirus software that might be blocking their communication. Also check that network card drivers are installed and check the settings on both the clients and the server.

  14. yetsedaw says:

    I have some problem in to itmer . I can not adjust itimer setting, if I try delete e and renew can not delete r ,it says being used by another person or program close any programs that might be using the file and try again, if I try adtionaiy copy it says the same like can not copy being used another ……………………. it says so how can I do?

    • admin says:

      What you need to do is use the official uninstaller that is already included in the download to remove the previous version and then do a proper installation.

  15. yetsedaw says:

    I download and remove but after installation the itimer I can not control the pc-station or no display on my server computers 6 pc-stations . can u help me? thanks

    • admin says:

      Please check there there is no antivirus (avira, avast etc) software that is blocking or deleting iTimer. If you’re using standalone computers, also turn off windows fire wall. Hope this helps!

  16. yetsedaw says:

    how to update an old version of itimer ?. when I try to install the new version the window displays connected stations (click to select) but their is no displayed client (stations) .

    • admin says:

      What you need to do first is use the included uninstaller to remove the previous version and then do a clean install of the new version.

  17. aaron says:

    how can i change the tariff from 0.25 cents per a minute to 0.15 cents?? thank you

    • admin says:

      On the server, right click on the iTimerServer icon from the taskbar and then select ‘Login’ then enter the password (default: itimer).
      Then right click again and choose ‘Settings’ then you can change the tariff.

  18. hiluf says:

    time saving software i like it thank you guys.

  19. hiluf says:

    thank u all.

  20. elyas says:

    it is helpfull

  21. ashenafi fentahun says:

    what is the server and client computer (USER ID )

  22. Daniel whib says:

    Hi there, i have a problem with the iTimer software V2. i have already installed the server part & 2clients successfully, working perfectly ! Thank you for that, but the other 3 standalone pcs is not working,,when i install the client software it says “the software install successfully, restart the comuter” but when i restart the pc the error message box opens & says “Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered : a file is missing or invalid” . And i thought that the software might be corrupted & downloaded several times but the error message is still the same,, how can you help me with it.. thank you, kindly,Daniel.

    • admin says:

      You must be getting this error message because the operating system is Windows 7. If that is the case, then, go to the My Documents folder (which is where the clients are installed) and right click on the iTimerClient.exe file and in the properties menu, set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3. And then choose start from the right click menu. This should fix it.

  23. Daniel whib says:

    Wow I’m proud of You guys!! it works, it was widows 7 & the problem was compatibility issue, its solved. Thank You very much!!

  24. leul says:

    mscomct2.ocx error when i try to see report

  25. merry gebre says:

    በshare ለጠቀም ፈልጌ ነበር እና itimer ጫንኩኝ ግን 2 ኮምፒተሮቼን አላገኛቸውም ለምንድነው?

  26. yared says:

    thank you! it worked.

  27. mesay says:

    that is great keep on, proud of you..
    Question to ask, does this application works for different pc’s, with their own system unit. No pc station.

  28. matyas says:

    hi guys how am i gonna fix itimer.mbd error please tell me

  29. Henok says:

    I have eight pcs all running Win XP,one one acts as a server and the others like clients.I used to iTimeruntil yesterday…..but i forgot not to format the drive that i installed iTimer….i re downloaded the application software again and install it back again on each clients but on the server it says “consult the installation guide online and try again”…. what can i do guys?PLS?

    • admin says:

      An anti-virus is probably deleting or blocking the iTimer, if you have any, make sure you uninstall it before you try installing the iTimer.

  30. zena says:

    i am Happy of this i like it thank you guys

  31. misir says:

    while i installing in stand alone computers i have got the following problems.
    During server installation i checked both check boxes and press install. but it shows me error msg. i have tried it in different pcs but no change. the clients work fine

    • admin says:

      Usually, even if you get the error message, the installation has successfully completed. Just restart the computer and see if the server appears.

  32. Metshafe Ezra says:

    After I installed and configured the itimer server and itimer client, the PCs to be sorted are not displaying on the windows even if I restarted the server. tell me if there is any thing I did forget.

  33. bekel nw says:

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  34. net says:

    While installing itimer, i have an error message: “There was an error installing iTimer. Please …”
    What could be the problem?


  35. net says:

    Sorry, but I finally succeeded. Running the setup as built-in administrator account solves the problem.


  36. Almaz says:

    I can see connected stations from my server, but pause and End aren’t active when I right-click on a client from the list. Also ‘Selected Station Information’ contains station name, connectivity and station status that never changes when I select different client. I would like to appreciate for your responses and great apps.

    • admin says:

      The cause of your problem seems to be the lack of connectivity. If the server and client are not properly communicating, then the server can not “order” the client to pause or end…
      So, make sure that all your firewalls are turned off and if that doesn’t solve your problem, you might have to format your computer to eliminate any virus that might be blocking the communication.

  37. SAMSON says:

    PLEASE I WILL LIKE TO KNOW HOW MANY SYSTEM CAN BE CONNECTED WITH THE ITIMER….i mean what is the number of system can it be use with?

  38. redeat says:

    thank u all thank you very much

  39. redeat says:

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  40. yasa says:

    how i get the cd and how mach is ita# and where?

  41. samuel says:

    hi admin thank you

  42. henok says:

    thank you

  43. samuel says:

    Thank you

  44. Fisiha says:

    how to create separate account for each station

  45. Biruk says:

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  46. mok says:

    thank you

  47. Issa Mohammed says:

    firstly, I’m very happy with our local i timer software and i wish top up in the world.
    secondly, can i use this i timer in different computers with out PC-station through LAN Network

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