PC-Station Installation

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  1. yousuf tahir says:

    i like your presentation of video and this picture of installation also.

  2. Hanani says:

    Can u guys plz send for me the 6Serials on the instalation CD i kind of lost ma Disc plzzzzz

  3. anwar says:

    hi amest santim.
    iam one of your admirers. you are doing great works. currently one of the monitors from the pc stations power is off and it cant restart when i restart the system too. it remains off since yesterday. will you please help me what to do.
    with regards

    • admin says:

      It seems like your problem might be in your monitor. Have you checked your monitor cables? Unplug all cables and try connecting them back firmly. If that doesn’t work, try exchanging the monitor and terminal with the others and try to isolate the problem.
      Good luck!

  4. Endalk says:

    hey guys how can i get PC station software without coming to ur office because of the road construction its frustrating 2 come to your office pls if u have an archive or something txt me the link……… thanks (y)

    • admin says:

      Dear Endalk,
      Due to the large size of the software (600MB) we do not have it online. You’ll have to come to our office to get a copy!
      Amest Santim

  5. teddy says:

    hi guys my stations where working for the last 3 months but suddenly all my 3 stations say waiting for start but they never started from last night. i need a help how to fix it

    • admin says:

      Seems like you either installed some antivirus software that’s blocking the PC-Stations or you got infected by a virus. Either way, the simplest thing to do would be to format your computer and do the installation again.

  6. muluken says:

    pleace can you tell me how much processor will neded to usu station by 7 monitors ?
    i have DELL GX660 With 1gb ram,pentium 4 CPU 300 IT is possibel to make 7 station ?

  7. Tekeste says:

    Do you have PC station software for window 7? If not how could I use my computer with out changing window 7 to window XP ?

  8. haftu says:

    Plz send me the serial Nos. I think some one has stolen my installation CD. Plz Help!

  9. Muluken says:

    Pleas can you send me serials and main setup the CD pleas???????

    • admin says:

      We can’t put the PC-Station CD online but you can find additional serials in the troubleshooting section.


    hi amest santim my 760 pc doesn’t recognize the pc station …when I connect the card and start my computer my pc doesn’t open this message appears I/O card party interrupt at F000:F188 when disconnect the card my pc opens normaly …how to solve this…thanks in advance!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hello Soressa,
      You just have to update the computer’s BIOS… this is detailed in the troubleshooting section where you will also find a link to download the latest BIOS version for 760 model.
      Once you update your BIOS, you can plug back the card and you will be prompted with a message and you can proceed by pressing the letter ‘S’.

  11. getnet says:

    I am very Happy for this service or i Timer software
    and thanks for the crater.
    I want to open the computer house for the feature plc contact by phone No or by chat

  12. hailish says:

    hi dear admin….one of my PC station access is not working properly…..the power indicator is on but the jacks r not working….while pluged in …
    regards ….and thank u

    • admin says:

      Please follow the steps listed in our troubleshooting section to resolve your problem. We have added a new question answer pair that deals with your issue.

  13. kirubel daniel says:


  14. Zinie says:

    is there any PC Sation for Window 7? And can it support USB Mouse and Keyboard? Pls try to inform me these days if there is. Moreover, what kind of system unit is required for multiple-monitor (just 7 monitors)

  15. Amlak says:

    hey guys…how can i find the pc-station cd please?

  16. Yalew says:

    Is pc station support dell gx620?

  17. Falcon says:

    Can u guys plz send me the 6 Serials on the instalation CD i kind of lost ma Disc plzzzzz

  18. fifi says:

    hey the i want to buy pc-station but i dont know how much its cost so can u tell me please thank you!

  19. Habtamu says:

    Thank you for providing this software for us!
    OS compatibility???? is compatible for all OS?

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