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We Have Moved!

We Have Moved!

Featured, News on May 11th, 2017 1 Comment

We have moved our office from Habte Giorgis to CMC. We are now located on Mana building on the road from CMC to Summit, 3rd floor, #307. Feel free to call our office mobile 0911 42 2943

the best and simplest way to earn extra income

EZ Media Kiosk

Featured, News, Product on June 2nd, 2015 9 Comments

EZ Media Kiosk is a self-service machine that dispenses digital content such as movies, TV series, music, audio books, tutorials etc. to customers via a USB storage device (such as flash disk, portable hard disk or mobile phone). EZ Media Kiosk offers the latest movies, music etc. and you simply insert your USB flash drive […]

Addis Ababa Light Rail Train helper app and map.

Addis Train Android App

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Featured, News, Product on April 17th, 2015 17 Comments

መግለጫ የዋይ ፋይ አገልግሎት የሚሰጡ ወይም መስጠት መጀመር የሚፈልጉ ከሆነ ከአሁን በኃላ እፎይ ማለት ይችላሉ፡፡ ቀላል ዋይፋይን ( በመጠቀም የኢንተርኔት መስመርዎን በአግባቡ በማዳረስ ገቢዎንና የደንበኞችዎን እርካታ መጨመር ይችላሉ ፡፡ ያለምንም ተጨማሪ ግዢ በአለዎት አክሰስ ፖይንት (Access Point) ብቻ ላይ ለውጥ አድርገን አገልግሎቱን እንዲያገኙ እናደርጋለን፡፡ አክሰስ ፖይንት ከሌለዎትም WiFi ለማስገባት ዝግጁ ከሆኑ አክሰስ ፖይንቶችን እናቀርባለን ፡፡ ቀላል […]

Efficient Internet cafe management and control

iTimer Internet Cafe Software

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