“Waiting for start” or “Station stopped” message on stations

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This can be caused by one of two reasons
  1. You have an anti-virus or firewall software blocking the pc-station software from starting. In this case, just uninstall all anti-virus software (such as Kaspersky, Avira, AVG and Avast) and then restart you computer. The stations should now start working. If you have Kaspersky installed, you might get a fatal error blue screen, in this case, boot using safe mode, uninstall the pc-station software, uninstall Kaspersky and then after having booted normally you can reinstall the pc-station software, NCX-2000XP)
  2. There is a driver issue. Go in to device manager, under “Display Adapters” you will find three items with the name “X300 Graphics Controller”. Right click on one and select “Uninstall”. You will be prompted to restart the computer. After the restart the stations should be re-detected and all should work.

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