I can’t find the PC-Station serial numbers on the back of the terminals?

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If the serial numbers on the back of the terminals get lost or become unreadable, you can find six more serial numbers in the “Additional Software” folder of the PC-Station Installation CD. If you can’t somehow find them there, here are twelve serial number and activation keys you can use…

Please remember that you can use any serial number (different from the one given on the back of the terminal) as long as it is a valid serial number.

Serial No. Activation Key
3525565 216995-344212-662507
3525566 103123-213873-102947
3525567 341260-623473-243137
3525568 852896-838033-439329
3525569 383020-522299-015425
3525570 452584-634342-407604
3525932 432896-518063-200315
3525973 472318-575048-816652
3525974 411863-420426-736836
3525975 135597-620542-547832
3525976 263869-164963-787962
3525977 981756-444123-898151

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